When used from the command line, enpkg looks for the file .enstaller4rc in the following locations:

  • sys.prefix
  • sys.real_prefix (if under a virtual environment)
  • the user’s home directory

The first found file is considered.


A simple example is as follows:

# To use an http proxy
proxy = ''

# If auth has been set up by `--userpass`
EPD_auth = 'ZGF2aWRjQGVudGhvdWdodC5jb206Xl5kNHYxZGMhIw=='

# To disable SSL verification (insecure)
verify_ssl = False

To use custom legacy repositories:

# Disable canopy mode
use_webservice = False

# Set up local repositories
IndexedRepos = [

To use API token against a brood store:

store_url = "brood+"
api_token = "<api_token>"