YAML configuration

Enstaller now supports a new configuration format, using the YAML syntax. Currently, you have to explicitly specify the configuration file path to use this format:

enpkg -c <...>/enstaller.yaml ...

The YAML-based configuration is more consistent, and simpler to read/write as a human than the legacy format.


this format is still experimental, and may change without notice.

Basic example

This is a fairly complete example of available settings in the YAML format:

# Which server to use to connect to
store_url: "https://api.enthought.com"

# Whether to enforce SSL CA verification
verify_ssl: false

# List of <organization>/<repository>
  - "enthought/commercial"
  - "enthought/free"
  # Local FS repository -- should be a directory, and an index.json is expected
  # in that directory
  - "file:///foo"

# Authentication
  api_token: <your_api_token>

# Directory to use to cache eggs
files_cache: "~/.cached_eggs/{PLATFORM}"


One can select plain-text authentication (insecure):

# Authentication
  kind: simple
  username: <your_username>
  password: <your_password>

or token-based:

  # kind is optional as api_token is the default
  kind: token
  api_token: <your_token>

Tokens should still be hold secret, but are more secure than password because you can revoke tokens.